BLOOD DRAWS: An Important Part of Being a NET Patient


For those of us whose doctors prescribe pancreastatin, neurokinin A, substance P, 5-HIAA blood plasma, and any others that ISI (Inter Science Institute) processes, here are some helpful hints. ISI is in Inglewood, CA. They are a specialty laboratory whose motto is "stay small but perform with distinction". They specialize in research and development in the neuroendocrine field.


Their 5th published guide to neuroendocrine tumors, written and edited by some familiar names in our neck of the woods, is available for download (it's almost 300 pages) or you can send a request for a hard copy or CD - (all are free of charge) to Mia Tepper (COO) is the patient contact but everyone else also helpful. Contact numbers:     p 1+800-255-2873  | f: 1+310-677-2846

Our group also has a number of handbooks and CDs on hand. We are near Philadelphia. You can call 267 288 5642 or email


Helpful Hints:

  • This is considered a "COURTESY DRAW" when Lab Corps sends off your specimen to another lab; Quest will not do this but there might be exceptions. If you don't have a local Lab Corps, a community or regional hospital will do it through their lab. You have to do a bit of digging to find one though. It is important that if the hospital will not send directly to ISI, that you find out who the mediary is and if it is Mayo Clinic, they should not send to Cambridge Labs in Massachusetts.

  • Lab Corps. is headquartered in North Carolina. Here are some links you might find useful.

  •   There are 6 regional divisions in the US. When I was first tackling this issue, I spoke to the nearest facility to my home (in New Jersey).

  • ​  There are not as many Labcorp facilities in the US as Quest operates.

How Most "Zebras" Utilize Lab Corps:

I first called the regional office to make certain that the local Lab Corps. will do the draw.

1.  I bring with the sheet with their internal codes which is in the 101 handbook and also has its own link below- everytime I go I bring it.

2. I bring the pancreastatin and neurokinin A informational sheets - every time I go as well.

3. I bring a copy of the script and keep one for myself.

4.  I drink water beforehand.

5.  I leave my arm hanging while waiting.

6.  I bring a little pop open heating pad to put on the draw spot.

7.  I go home and wonder what the tests will show. (testphobia-common in NET patients)

8.  After two weeks, I call ISI and see if the results are in.

9.  If the results are in and your specialist hasn't received them, guess what, Lab Corps has probably received them and it's too much to hope they'll send them along to you, but they now have a new patient portal; it usually works quite well. I usually call ISI back and make certain they've sent a copy to the ordering specialist.


​Links to Information for Bloodwork             Prescribed by Your Doctors


Access ISI Guide to Diagnosis & Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors (Free)

Download    (Latest Version of Guide) (PDF)


Or, call for a hardcopy of the Guide-5th Edition

                     1+  800 255 2873


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