Links To Informational SITES &  MEDIA   Various on-line cancer listservs. A must for "Carcinoid" and all other NET patients. Top physician-moderated. (Dr. Eugene Woltering). This listserv should be one of the first stops for the newly diagnosed.—Novartis Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer of Sandostatin).—Novartis-main site.—University of Pennsylvania’s cancer site (the web’s first cancer site). The neuroendocrine program at Ochsner Medical Center in association with Louisiana State University Health Center. (Dr. Woltering, Clinic Director)—Publishes Neuroendocrine Tumors: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis & Management. Detailed descriptions of blood tests and diagnoses. —National cancer site. US National Library of Medicine & NationalInstitutes of Health. Excellent site for learning about scans.—current clinical trials. Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.

Educating patients and medical professionals about carcinoid & other (NETs); supports research. Deepest site    on the web for targeted information.   Experts are listed in blue.   USA and international.—Portal to government health agencies.—National Institutes of Health site.  Informational site. This nonprofit presents many fundraising events and conferences and uploads videos of these conferences.​  Three of the world’s leading experts on Carcinoid and NET cancer introduce the ABCs of these diseases: Dr. Richard Warner, Dr. Edward Wolin, and Dr. Eugene Woltering.

Generic Resources

Practical Drug, Device, & Healthcare Safety Information..."We are an awareness group that aims to educate the public about defective prescription drugs, medical devices, and many other health issues". A clear and well-organized website. If you dig beneath the surface, it's the product of a law firm. So, ostensibly it's self-serving, but is authentic and up-to-date on product liability issues as you would expect.